Awesome news for anyone who uses the Gmail app on iOS


Great news for Apple users!

Google has overhauled the Gmail app on iOS, adding all of the best features from the ever popular Android version.

For years there has been a stark contrast between Gmail on Android and iOS. The Android version was and remains great, while the iOS version had been fairly lame and missing most of the features which has helped to make the app so popular on Android.

But all that has changed.

Users on iOS will now be able to benefit from Gmail’s very useful ‘Undo’ feature which lets you take back an email after you have sent it.

Google, who announced the full details of the update in a blog post on Monday, said that this is the biggest overhaul Gmail on iOS has received in over 4 years, and brings with it a sleek new look and an array of new features.

Gmail on iOS

A demonstration on Google’s blog shows how the Undo feature works and how you can easily unsend an embarrassing or incorrect email by simply tapping on a button in the bottom right of the screen.

With that being said, if you want to unsend an email, you literally don’t have a second to waste. While users of Gmail on desktop have a 30 second window in which to take back an email, users of Gmail on iOS have only 5 seconds – so you had better be quick!

The new update also brings a number of performance improvements which above all else should mean that using the app is much quicker, searching for old emails is faster and spelling suggestions are now instant.

Gmail app on iOS

The update also means that users can swipe left or right to archive or delete emails, making it easy to keep you inbox organised and help you achieve that often elusive ‘inbox zero’.

As well as the update to the Gmail app on iOS, Google also announced updates to Google Calendar, with users now able to view calendars per month and by week, in a convenient landscape view. Google has also included the Hindu, Lunar and Islamic calendars as part of the update.

The latest version of Gmail on iOS can be downloaded from the app store.


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