This awesome site makes browsing Netflix much easier


You can spend literally hours browsing Netflix only to end up watching nothing because you have become bored with the whole experience.

There are a number of potential reasons for this, obviously, there is a great deal of choice but also Netflix’s interface is not always as user-friendly as it could be.

You have no idea of what is coming to or leaving the service and the user ratings for shows or movies are no longer available – instead, you rely upon the match percentage.

This is where Flixable comes in as it fixes most of the issues that users have with Netflix.

When first opened the site lists programmes and films in reverse chronological order and you can easily filter the options to suit your viewing tastes.

If you click on a film’s title or thumbnail you will immediately be redirected to the correct landing page giving you more details or you can select “Watch on Netflix” button that will take you straight to the Netflix site. In addition, it will also suggest four other titles of a similar ilk.

A great feature is the information regarding what will be leaving Netflix in the next month.

You can also use Flixable to view Netflix from other regions. The site is clean and easy to use and definitely makes you realise how cluttered the Netflix site had become. A feature that will like is the fact that it can be used for mobiles so you can watch films straight from your phone.

All ratings for films, where available, are from IMDB and this can be easily viewed in the top right corner of the thumbnail. Few will argue that this rating isn’t far more valuable than the match percentage.

Source: Mashable


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