Awesome video shows 1,069 robots dancing in unison while setting new world record


A new world record has been set by 1,069 Chinese robots all dancing simultaneously.

The robots, which would only come up to the knee of most people, were carefully arrange so they could perform the dance at the offices of WL Intelligence Technology in Guangdong, China.

It was all very strict with Guinness World Records officers continually walking up and down to check that they all remained to the beat.

1,100 robots started the event, although 31 either refused to dance or couldn’t keep up with the beat, whilst others simply fell over – although they still tried to keep on dancing even when laid on their backs! The previous record stood at 1,007 dancing robots.

The robots who took the record are called Dobi. They can sing, dance and even perform kung-fu moves – something that could be worrying if they start to think for themselves.

However, probably even Elon Musk would think that the robot’s routine is deadly enough and not an attempt at world domination!

Each of the robots, all apart from the ones who didn’t want to play, were controlled by a central control system. The dancers had to wave their arms, tap their feet and even flash their eyes – whatever next?


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