Bad news for Spotify users: Listening to your favourite music is about to get expensive


A new report from the Financial Times claims that Spotify users who do not pay for the service will be blocked from listening to some of the new music on the platform.

It is believed that the music streaming service is close to striking deals with some of the industries major record labels and deals would mean that top releases will only be available to those who have paid subscriptions – in the short-term at least.

With the Swedish company planning to go public they need to establish some certainty about the terms that major record labels will agree to so this deal is viewed as essential to Spotify’s long-term success.

Spotify have always tried to resist restrictions on their service but the FT report suggests that a new premium tier could be introduced in return for the streaming service paying music labels less royalties.

Artists such as Taylor Swift have refused their albums to be put on the platform in the past unless it was restricted to premium users only, something that competitors such as Apple Music already do.

Negotiations are expected to be concluded in the coming weeks.

Spotify says it has 100 million subscribers, around 50 million of which pay for the service. There are approximately 30 million songs available to stream on Spotify.


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