Rovio’s “Bad Piggies” game has been downloaded 100 million times


These days, it’s not uncommon for the most popular mobile and tablet games on the various app stores to be download millions of times. In fact, some games have been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Bad Piggies reaches 100 million downloads

Most people have probably played one or two games from the popular Angry Birds franchise games, developed by Rovio. The company has just announced that its Bad Piggies game has been downloaded an incredible 100 million times. That’s a huge number, that includes download figures from the Google Play store, Amazon’s Appstore, and Apple’s App Store. To celebrate this achievement, Rovio has updated the game to version 1.6, the details of which are below.

Rovio Bad Piggies

The 1.6 version of the game includes a new sandbox level called the Little Pig Adventure, which includes a very large play area and slippery surfaces as well as a new part called the gearbox. The gearbox allows players to make their piggy contraptions run in reverse.

And just like the rest of the game, the aim is to steer the little piggies to their destination, choosing to fly, roll or even crash them onto the target. Along the way, you can collect starboxes as well as other new parts.

Bad Piggies isn’t the only game to recently top more than 100 million downloads. Recently, we also covered the Trivia Crack iPhone game, which has proved extremely popular, especially in the US. That game reached the 130 million download figure.

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The top apps in the various app stores make huge amounts of money. It was estimated last year that the top 25 apps make more than $50,000 per day.

You can find more details about Bad Piggies from the Apple App Store here or Google Play here.

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