Which Bangkok hotels have the fastest Wi-Fi?


Anyone that travels to Thailand and spends time in hotels around the nation’s capital will know that Wi-Fi can be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. But new statistics show the fastest speeds at selected hotels in the capital, and it clearly shows that some are much better than others.

Which Bangkok hotels have the fastest Wi-Fi?

This statistic below shows the Wi-Fi speed in selected hotels in Bangkok as of January 2015. Of the hotels tested, Admiral Suites Bangkok had the fastest Wi-Fi in Bangkok with a speed of 22.1 Mbps.

Hotel Wi-Fi Speeds Bangkok 2015

Source: Statista.com

Coming in second place and some way behind was the Bangkok Marriott Hotel in Sukhumvit at 16.4 Mbps, closely followed by Swissotel Le Concorde at 15.7 Mbps.

Further down near the bottom of those surveyed were the Amari Don Muang at 9.9 Mbps, the Sivatel Bangkok with 8.9 Mbps, and the Hilton Sukhumvit with just 8.6 Mbps.

Broadband speeds in Thailand

Internet speeds in Thailand in general lag behind many other countries, but Thailand is currently 50th in the world, according to the Internet Society’s Global Internet Report 2014. The average broadband speed in the country is 12.47 Mbps, so it’s rather poor that ten of the hotels in the statistic above fall below that. After all, if you’re paying top dollar (or baht) for a hotel, you do expect Wi-Fi speeds to come up to scratch.

Of the other South East Asian countries, Thailand doesn’t currently fair too badly. Cambodia ranks 110th globally with 4.26 Mbps, Myanmar is at number 128 with just 3.36 Mbps, Malaysia is ranked 104 with 4.73 Mbps, and Vietnam is one place below Thailand with 11.79 Mbps. So while Thailand isn’t anywhere near the world leader Hong Kong (57.07 Mbps), it’s not doing too badly.

If you need fast and reliable access to the Internet while staying in Bangkok, you’d be wise to check the list out before choosing a hotel.

Have you used Wi-Fi in hotels around Bangkok? Have you found decent speeds or are they sorely lacking? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Comcast in America has 50 Mbits/s speeds.

    Google Fibre in parts of Kansas City has speeds of 1000 Mbit/s.

    Any “digital nomad” who comes to BKK expecting fast internet speeds is just plain dumb.

  2. uptoeleven on

    A few things. Fast internet connections in Bangkok cost rather more than those in other capital cities. 50th in speed sounds about right but that speed is also at a huge premium. Additionally advertised connection speeds are rarely met, partly because the pipes into and out of the country are so narrow and partly because they have massive contention ratios. There’s also the vast botnet running out of Thailand. Most pcs and laptops come without an OS because pricing is a race to the bottom. Everybody knows they can get the ” cheap” Windows Ultimate, and if you ever have to take a pc in to be repaired, don’t expect the original OEM OS to come back, it’ll be wiped with Windows 7 Ultimate on there. And no working Windows Update so all ready to be exploited.
    Kill the botnet and everyone would benefit in terms of bandwidth.