Bangkok and Pattaya score highly in Hotel Wi-Fi Test


Bangkok and Pattaya have been ranked among the top 50 cities in the world for the standard of Wi-Fi offered to hotel guests, according to a new report on global Wi-Fi quality.

The report, entitled Hotel Wi-Fi Test, measured the availability and quality of in room Wi-Fi in hotels around the world.

The Hotel Wi-Fi Test placed Bangkok in 22nd place, and Pattaya in 45th place, with Thailand ranked 26th overall.

The report bases its rankings on two factors: the number of hotels which offer adequate Wi-Fi speeds of at least 3 Mbps for downloads and 500 Kbps for uploads, as well as the ratio of hotels in the the respective cities which offers guests free in room Wi-Fi.

According to the Hotel Wi-Fi Test, 52.5 per cent of hotels in Bangkok provide adequate Wi-Fi speeds, whereas the percentage of hotels in Pattaya offering adequate Wi-Fi speeds stands at 35.5%.

With regards to the number of hotels offering free Wi-Fi, the test found that 73.1 per cent of hotels in Bangkok offered free in room Wi-Fi, compared to 71.1 per cent of Pattaya hotels.

Hotel Wi-Fi Test top ten cities

Hotel Wi-Fi Test top ten cities.

The report ranked Stockholm as the number one city for Wi-Fi quality, with 88.9 per cent of hotels providing adequate Wi-Fi speeds and 89.5 per cent providing free in room Wi-Fi.

In Asia, hotel Wi-Fi Test found the top city was Tokyo, followed by Hong Kong and Singapore in third place.

As for countries, South Korea topped the list with 92 per cent of hotels providing adequate Wi-Fi speeds, with 73.8 per cent offering in room Wi-Fi.

In Southeast Asia, Singapore ranked highest, followed perhaps surprisingly by Vietnam, where it was found that a whopping 95.8 per cent of hotels offered free Wi-Fi.

Out of the other Southeast Asian countries, Thailand was third, followed by Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia, which crept in at 50th place overall but which also has a large number of hotels (95%) offering free Wi-Fi.

Source: Hotel Wi-Fi Test



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