Battle of the ads


The annual scramble for end-of-year holiday shoppers is on with big brands rolling out ever more expensive advertising campaigns.

Britain is Europe’s biggest battleground with the equivalent of 6.7 billion euros due to be spent there.

Typical of the genre is luxury goods maker Burberry’s offering – a big-budget star-studded mini-film which it hopes will not just boost seasonal sales but create longer term buzz around the brand.

With the internet increasing taking over from TV, around half the spend this year is on digital advertising as retailers seek a YouTube hit.

YouTube’s parent company Google – as well as Facebook – are this year’s big winners with newspapers falling behind.

Worldwide top five ads – YouTube views:

1: UK department store John Lewis

2: UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s

3: Burberry

4: German supermarket Edeka

5: Brazilian


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