BBC cracks down on people watching iPlayer from outside the UK


For Brits living in Thailand, or indeed expats around the world, BBC iPlayer may have come as a welcome relief to local TV and helped to keep up to date on ones favourite TV shows from back home.

Most users accessed iPlayer via a VPN of some description, despite it being against the terms of use.

However, all this may be coming to an end early next year when the BBC decides to clamp down on license fee evaders.

While the crackdown is aimed at closing the “iPlayer loophole” that has seen people based in the UK use the service, despite not paying a license fee, those accessing the service from overseas via VPN are also affected.

From February 2017, anyone using iPlayer will need to enter an email address, postcode and then a passcode.

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In actual fact some things have changed already, with some VPN users already reporting that they are no longer able to access iPlayer.

Additionally, even if you have previously been registered you will need to re-register and include a postcode if you are over 18.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer. Image: BBC

You will also need to enter your name, email address and age at the signing in stage.

It has even been speculated that you may at a later date need to enter details of your license fee although as yet this hasn’t been announced.

The official reason that the BBC have given for these changes is to allow more “personalisation” for users of the service although in reality it makes it easier to clamp down on those who do not pay a license fee.

There has been some support for the move but others have claimed that the move is nothing more than snooping and another case of “Big Brother” watching you.

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