Be the first of your friends to unlock the new hidden Whatsapp emoji


Earlier this week, Whatsapp rolled out a new update to its mobile app which treats users to a host of new features.

Included in the latest version is the ability to send extra large emojis and zoom in when recording videos directly from within the app.

Whatsapp also say that the update (version 2.16.7) should be much quicker with chats opening faster than ever have before.

Whatsapp update July

Whatsapp update July

However, there is also another feature hidden in the app, which Whatsapp hasn’t yet told us about but which just about everyone will be using from next week.

Tucked away inside the update is a new Whatsapp emoji that lets you send an image of the Olympic rings to one of your friends.

The Olympics, of course, gets underway in Rio next week.

If you’re an Android user you can find the hidden Whatsapp emoji where you normally find all the emojis – but you will need to make sure you are running the very latest version of Android in order to see it.

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If you have an iPhone it is a little more complicated and the new emoji can only be accessed via Whatsapp for Web which you will need to open in your browser.

Next, open a chat and copy this set of symbols ◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯ and paste them into the new message.

Once sent, the symbols will be displayed as the Olympic rings and you will then be able to copy them to use in other chat conversations.

The revelation of the new hidden Whatsapp emoji comes just weeks after the Facebook owned company announced a new hidden font for users on iOS and Android.

Whatsapp users can now also add bold, italic and strikethrough the text used in messages.

Unfortunately, despite the latest update, Whatsapp users are still waiting for the ability to be able to send GIFs and make video calls – both of which have long been rumoured to be coming to the world’s most popular messaging app in the not too distant future.


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