Beats 1 Radio is now live on iOS 8.4


The new Beats 1 Internet radio service is now live, with the release of the iOS 8.4 software updated on Tuesday. One of the hosts, British DJ Zane Lowe introduced the station yesterday by saying We spent the last three months trying to build this radio station. Now we can build no more“.

Beats 1 goes live

Lowe’s first song was City by Spring King, which he said had been used for a variety of purposes whilst the station was developed, such as sound checks and demos to get other artists onboard with Beats 1.

What is Beats 1? It’s part of the new Apple Music service, the company’s on-demand streaming service that was announced last month at the WWDC conference. Anyone with the latest version of iOS can listen to Beats 1 for free, with a huge variety of shows from hosts such as Dr. Dre and Drake.

Apple has also converted the old iTunes Tumblr page to a new address and name focusing on Apple Music. The address redirects to that site, which has tonnes of information about the hosts and the upcoming shows.

Beats 1 DJs and Shows

It’s quite a feat, launching a global radio station in more than 100 countries simultaneously. The Apple Music service and app allows you to stream unlimited music for free during the 3 month trial phase, after which users are asked to pay $9.99 (in the US) or $14.99 for a family of six people. After having used the new app for a few hours already, it seems to have enough great features to attract a lot of new subscribers. There are no ads, and best of all the recommendations section and human-curated playlists allow you to discover lots of new music.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC, you can try out the new service for free by updating to the latest version of iOS or iTunes.




  1. Apple Music is a vast overall of their old Music/iTunes app. In brings in a lot of great elements from Beats Music while also blending in the music you own. There has been talk of a subscription streaming service, but only now are people talking about the free streaming channels that are offered. I’ve been listening to the Classic Rock station for several days now and it’s been a constant stream of the old school rock that I love. Right now, going through a sequence of White Snake (Here I Go Again), Bachman-Turner Overdrive, followed by The Who. I’m loving it!