Bendable smartphones that you wear around your wrist available soon


Chinese start up company Moxi Group looked to be the first company to release a bendy mobile phone, beating Samsung to the honour as the first firm to release a pliable phone.

According to reports from Bloomberg, the company will ship around 100,000 of the bendable smartphones this year and they are expected to retail at around 5,000 yuan (approximately THB26,000).

Although the devices will only initially be available in black and white it is expected that coloured versions will follow, depending on their success in China. If it proves popular in the home country then it is likely that the phones will be unleashed on the rest of the world.

Chongsheng Yu, executive vice president of the Moxi Group explained “Black and white phones are much easier to make, the colour model power usage is also much higher than that of the black and white unit. We’ll sell in China and if there’s demand overseas, we’ll look into it.”

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The smartphones are able to bend thanks to the use of graphene technology which is strong and durable whilst at the same time being extremely flexible.

The processor and battery are located on one side of the gadget and this enables the phone to bend into a circular shape and allows it to be worn around the wrist.

The device will make use of an advanced version of e-ink, which has previously been used in the Amazon Kindle.


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