Beware of this viral video that can crash any iPhone


There is currently a “prank” video that has gone viral that if viewed on an iPhone, causes the users’ device to slow down and the eventually crash.

The video is only a 3 second long mp4 clip and was discovered by EverythingApplePro, and features someone stood next to bed and the word “Honey” is written across all across the screen.

Users’ who fall victim to the “prank” will be able to use their device for a couple of minutes before it starts slowing down, before grinding to a halt and crashing.

The bug affects versions of OS from iOS5 to the present date – so effectively devices from iPhone 4 to the new iPhone 7.

Luckily, the iPhone is not permanently damaged but the crash is frustrating all the same and requires a forced reboot or soft reset to recover your device.

At this stage it is not known how or why iPhone devices are affected in this way but some suggest that a malicious bug corrupts the device and is able to take advantage of a flaw in iOS.

Apple has not commented at this stage, nor have they been able to issue a fix.

This is very similar to last year’s “effective power” SMS bug that allowed pranksters to crash iPhones by sending people an SMS message. In January of this year, links to a website, crashed devices when it was opened in Safari.

The best advice to avoid getting caught out is not to click on links unless you are 100% certain what they are.


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