Biggest Android site recommends iPad Air 2


This week, one of the most popular and definitive Android news sites (Android Police) has recommended Apple’s iPad Air 2 as the best tablet to buy in its holiday gift guide roundup.

That might seem unusual for an Android website where the dedicated faithful (“fandroids”) come to gloat over the Apple iSheep, but after reading the comments in the article, you can kind of see their point about why it’s so good.

Buy an iPad Air 2 rather than an Android tablet

Written by the site’s David Ruddock, the recommendation to buy an Apple iPad Air 2 instead of an Android tablet appeared to receive begrudging approval from the whole editorial team, even in the face of competition from tablets such as the Nvida Shield (which is aimed mainly as a gaming device) and the Google Nexus 9.

The site attempts to justify the decision with the remarks:

“In fact, I’d argue no Android tablet is great. The Shield Tablet is a lot of bang for your buck, but the screen kind of sucks and the battery life isn’t spectacular (standby is bad in particular) and it’s heavy, thick, and kinda ugly.”

The iPad remains “a no-brainer”

They author continues to enthuse that the iPad is the best tablet you can buy, saying “the iPad Air 2 doesn’t run Android and I don’t really care that it doesn’t run Android” before going on: “the iPad remains a no-brainer for me. If it’s my money being spent on a tablet, I’m going to buy the one I know is going to live up to a standard of quality – the iPad has been the gold standard in tablets since it was unveiled, and that hasn’t changed. I don’t see it changing any time soon, either”.

The reaction on Apple fan sites has been fairly humorous, mainly because the community has relished the opportunity to boast how good the iPad Air 2 is. But, all this seems quite childish – everyone knows that the iPad Air 2 is impossibly thin, well designed and very powerful (only the niche Nvidia Shield beats it in terms of raw performance according to sites like AnandTech), but just why can’t people be happy with what they have purchased without having to bash ‘the opposition’?

“Actually, this poor guy David Ruddock may have to watch his back and be extra careful going past dark alleys. I can see a bunch of irate Android zealots throwing a blanket over him and beating him senseless with rubber hoses” – an Apple fan

Fanboy devotion…

Android Police - iPad Air 2

It’s amazing that smartphones and tablets are taken to heart by so many people. After all, you never hear of anyone saying “my Lenovo PC is way better than your Dell pile of cr*p.”, and that’s because nobody cares.

“David Ruddock needs to be removed from writing articles here as he obviously is an Apple fanboy pretending to be an Android user” – Android Police subscriber

I’d argue that people become so defensive of a particular mobile phone company because smartphones are intensely personal devices – we carry them around all day, and they are first thing we check in the morning to catch up with what’s going on in the world. Apple may be onto something with its new watch in that regard. Perhaps this time next year the loyal Android and Apple followers will be shouting each other down about which smart watch is the best.

As a satisfied owner of multiple Apple devices (and a custom-built desktop PC, I hasten to add) I’d love to have an extended play with an Android tablet or a smartphone. Funny that, because I’ve borrowed a Google Nexus 5 from the editorial team and will be doing a writeup next week – something along the lines of “an Apple user’s first impressions of Android”. I’m keeping an open mind…

We’ve love to hear which tablet you think is worthy of your hard-earned cash in the comments below.



  1. 10.5 inch tab s from Samsung has two quad core processors each of which are faster independently than the triple core solo ipad.
    The ability to have two browsers open simultaneously combined with the amoled screen and the ability to add a 128gb micro sd card are just a few pc the reasons why the review given is inaccurate unfounded and untrue.

  2. Roland Banks on

    The Samsung 10.5 has a Quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7. They’re based on standard ARM reference designs, which are much slower than Apple’s custom A8X chip. Take a look at and you’ll see that it states “benchmark app Geekbench 3, the iPad scores about 66 percent higher in multi-core and around 104 percent higher in the single-core test.”….pretty much what all the benchmarks confirm

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  4. Steve Kyte on

    I agree with Derek. I’ve been an Apple (dare I say fan boy) for over 25 years. For years it was the same old battle of ‘my PC goes three seconds faster than yours’, or my Mac opens apps 0.2 second faster. So, Mr Banks, who cares about your ridiculous statistics. I sold my iPhone AND iPad2. Why? Mainly because of what Derek wrote. If I want more storage I don’t have to go and buy a new IPAD/iPhone/iWatch, whatever. If I want a new battery, or even higher capacity I just replace it in my S5. I don’t need special proprietary cables that Apple sells, nor expensive adaptors. Apple want your money and make all excuses about how their cables are faster etc etc. We’re back to faster again. I had to buy an Apple TV box to stream my movies to my Smart TV and it’s doesn’t even do that well. My Samsung products stream virtually out of the box. I can play most movie file formats, not just mp4, and like Derek I bought a relatively inexpensive 128gb micro card. So I have a Galaxy Note 8 and S5. You know what, I have never been happier. I am not tied down to using iTunes and formatting movies EXACTLY the way Apple require. I can save files to a folder. Not just some hidden place I cannot ever see. The cameras on my Samsungs are way way better than Apple’s and I regularly shoot quality HD video with a plethora of professional settings. Also, few reviews cover the OS. Android has so many features that iPads/iPhones lack, and not just fiddling with the interface.

    How about:

    Download booster – shares WIFI and LTE for downloads over 30mb

    Smart stay – screen stays on as long as you look at it

    Emergency mode – screen goes black and white and reduces drawn power to give a few more hours battery life
    Geo news – extreme weather notifications
    Air View – Hover finger above links to see a box explaining the contents without opening them
    Storage – select where yo want anything saved, either internal or to SD card
    S Health – haven’t seen this in IOS8 but this was here over a year ago with Android – monitors many health options including heart beat, pedometer and others.
    Home screen – great customisation with widgets

    Lastly, there is NO back button on the Apple products unless you invoke it by software. This is so important for every day use and no wonder Apple home buttons break so regularly.

    I could list many more but I just wanted to end by saying that I am not a fan boy of anything any more. I use what for me is the best and Apple isn’t leading any more as far as I can see. They are also extortionally expensive. If you want an iPhone plus iWatch, it looks like you’l have to fork out (in the UK) around £1000. Do me a favour!