Biggest hint yet that you will soon be able to video call using Whatsapp


Whatsapp looks like it will be the latest messaging app to offer a video calling feature.

A beta version of the video calling feature had been available to a small number of users earlier this week.

The Facebook owned app had previously said that a “Video Call” option would be available at some point in 2016 and this was followed up with screen shots showing video call icon on a beta version of the app for iOS.

Some users on Android who were part of the beta testing program began seeing the video call icon but its appearance only lasted a few days. Reports suggest that even though the icon appeared it was not functional at the time.

Image: Android Authority

Image: Android Authority

The option was then removed altogether in another update not long after it was first spotted, leading some to suggest that a global roll out of the video calling option could be available imminently.

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Or course it could mean that the feature isn’t ready yet and needs further testing prior to any kind of official release.

Either way, expect video calling to be available on Whatsapp in the not too distant future.

As well as video calling, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a number of new features including voicemail, QR codes and NFC tags for inviting groups.

All this follows the recent launch of the standalone app for PC and Macs.

In April, Whatsapp announced it would start using encryption to protect user’s photos, videos, group chats and voice calls, as well as text messages.


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