BlackBerry Returns to Tablet Market Thanks to IBM and Samsung


BlackBerry is making a return to the tablet market. The company announced the SecuTablet and has partnered with IBM and Samsung. SecuTablet is based off of the same technology as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, but it features enhanced security for users.

Offering a 10.5” screen, the tablet features a crisp, 2560×1600 resolution, an octa-core processor by Exynos and a fingerprint sensor. Storage of 16GB is included, but the company has not announced if there will be other storage options offered.

BlackBerry teamed up with Samsung to provide the Knox security suite to users, which boosts tablet security. IBM’s app-wrapping technology is also used on the phone to allow an extra layer of security to the most popular apps, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The company states that the SecuTablet is geared towards the international public sector and enterprise users.

Pricing of €2,250 will make the SecuTablet one of the most expensive models on the market. Users will also receive a MicroSD encryption card and security software. The tablet also comes with a maintenance contract.

Organizations that purchase the tablet for employees will be able to refine the security measures in place. Using IBM’s wrapping technology, data will be secure. Functionality, such as copying data from a secure app and pasting it into an unsecured app will be blocked.


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