BMW is Designing Augmented Reality Goggles


Driving goggles quickly became a thing of the past once the windshield was invented. But BMW is hoping to revive the trend and add a modern twist with their augmented reality goggles.

While no one knows for sure if the public will ever truly embrace augmented reality eyewear, BMW is taking a leap with a new goggle prototype designed for the Mini. With these new goggles, drivers will see useful information, like directions and speed.

Modern luxury vehicles already have similar features with many displaying directions and speed right on the windshield. But Mini’s goggles take things one step further by actually displaying arrows on the road, so drivers know which way to turn. During one demonstration, the goggle’s picked up on a poster for a concert, displaying the address and asking the driver if that’s where they wanted to go.

The goggles also connect with cameras outside the vehicle, so if you happen to glance at your car’s doors, you’ll be able to see what’s outside. In a way, the goggles can help eliminate blind spots altogether.

As of right now, Mini’s goggles are still in the prototype stage, but it may only be a matter of months before production starts.


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