B&O Play’s new audio collection arrives in Bangkok


A PERFECT OPTION for those always on the lookout for new gadgets that identify their style, B&O Play has brought its latest collection of advanced audio products to Bangkok.

The high-end Danish brand has revived its 1939 iconic Beolit by adding a bigger musical punch and a new intelligent feature via Beoplay App to the smart Beolit 17 portable speakers. Designed by Cecile Manz, it borrows its design language from Beolit 12 (2012) and Beolit 15 (2015) to bring a distinct cool Scandinavian style into any home.

The Beolit’s top and the bottom are made of a robust polymer that can withstand the rigours of everyday life, and offers up to 24-hours of portable performance, as you can easily take the speaker with you everywhere you go. It also works with such Beoplay App features as ToneTouch that gives playful, intuitive, and easy personalisation to your music experience.

B&O Play H4 wireless headphones, Bt14,500

B&O Play H4 wireless headphones, Bt14,500

Dane Jakob Wagner gives a clean and contemporary look to the Beoplay H4 wireless headphones. Lambskin, braided textile and aluminium combine in a minimalist design and the phones come with the renowned Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound for a powerful and authentic music experience.

Beolit 17 portable speaker, Bt29,950

Beolit 17 portable speaker, Bt29,950

The B&O Play H5 wireless earphones are designed to fit snugly in your ears and come with a choice of ear tips including Comply Sport, which have a membrane to prevent moisture interfering with the electronics and four pairs of silicone tips to ensure a relaxed, comfortable fit.

Bang & Olufsen has branches at Gaysorn Shopping Mall and Crystal Veranda. Find out more by calling (02) 656 1017, (02) 515 0648 or visit www.BEOPlay.com.


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