Boost the battery life on ANY smartphone with these simple tips


The battery life of even the newest smartphones is something that most of us have complained about at one time or another.

As manufacturers try to do their part to increase battery life here are six things that you can do to help your device last that little bit longer.

1. Use other devices to stream!

Streaming is not only costly in terms of 4G and data roaming it is also harsh on your battery. If you have a smart TV or Google Chromecast, use this instead of your mobile device.

2. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth

They are both extremely draining on your battery so when you aren’t using them – turn them off! After all, the chances are you don’t need to be running them 24/7.

3. Reduce brightness

Again, something of an obvious one but the brighter your screen, the more battery it uses. The iPhone’s ambient light detector is perfect for doing this automatically but it is easy to do yourself on other devices.

4. Disable notifications

Pulling emails manually rather than automatically will make a huge difference to your battery’s life. Do you really need to be informed about that sale item that you aren’t going to buy or that social media update immediately?

5. Turn off location services

GPS is a fantastic service that is available on smartphones but it does require a lot of energy from your battery. Unless you are using your device as a Sat Nav, the chances are you know where you are where you are going so save some precious minutes of battery life and turn it off.

6. Turn on battery saving mode

This is an option on many smartphones these days and will significantly reduce the number of features that are running therefore saving the amount of power your device uses.


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