Boost your battery life by 15% by uninstalling one app


It seems that almost every week mobile phones become more and more complex with increased capabilities, state of the art functions and better cameras but sadly their battery life is not improving at the same rate.

Anyone who has an Android or an Apple device will no doubt have been left frustrated on numerous occasions by the battery life and the urgent need to charge your phone – usually at the most inconvenient of times.

Tech experts are always looking at new ways to extend battery life and it appears that they have found a way to increase battery life by around 15% by simply uninstalling one app. All sounds great doesn’t it?

Well, as you may expect it does come with a few drawbacks, one it only works to this degree on iPhones and secondly the app in question is none other than Facebook!

Of course you still can access Facebook, just not through the app, instead accessing the site through your web browser. By doing this the battery life savings are reported to be less than 10%.

Facebook are currently working with their gurus to fix the complication as quickly as possible and aim to have the app being less hungry within a few months.

One bit of good news is the fact that the extremely popular Facebook Messenger app is far more efficient so there is no need to remove this at the same time so you can still chat away to friends!

There are other ways of extending battery life of course such as dimming your screen, turning off WiFi and Bluetooth or simply using a phone from 15 years ago – but where would the fun be in that?


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  1. Pity for me “no boost in battery life” , as I never bothered to install App FB in the first place.