Bought a new laptop? Here are the must have Windows 10 apps


If you’ve recently become the owner of a new Windows 10 powered device for either business or pleasure, here are some essential apps that you should consider downloading.

We have avoided the ones that we all know about such as Facebook, Skype, Microsoft Office 365 and Netflix to concentrate on some Windows 10 apps that may be a little less known.

1. Wunderlist

Perhaps not the most obvious place to start but Wunderlist is a great way of creating ‘to-do’ lists for those of us who lead busy lives. This app brings everything under one roof so to speak including your tasks, ideas and appointments.

You can even create shopping lists, plan projects or just save information and it will all be stored in one easy-to -read app.

You can also link Wunderlist to your phone, computer and tablet so you will never be far from an update!

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are the creative type, then Adobe Photoshop Express could be the app for you. Unlike the premium version that has been around for some time and is pretty expensive, Express is a simpler and cheaper way to give your images a boost.

The app has a wide selection of basic but essential quick-fix tools that are available with the without the ‘bells and whistles’ of the full version.

The app is certainly aimed more at casual users but more features can be unlocked if they are required.

3. Minecraft

Maybe a good one for the kids or for those who are looking for a little gaming fun, then Minecraft could be the app for you.

This cult building game has grown in popularity over the years and now has millions of players.

This option to explore the open-world ethos and unbridled creative passion is the perfect getaway for many players.

The latest version is aimed just for Windows 10 users and offers even more territory to explore, treasure to be found and enemies to battle.

4. VLC Player

VLC Media Player
Both Microsoft and Apple have tried to launch their own media players but they have never quite lived up to those offered by third parties.

VLC Player is a free app that supports several audio and video file formats meaning that you will always be able to keep on top of your favourite programs and music straight from your device – it even supports streaming services so you can catch up with the latest action on your PC, smart TV or smartphone.

5. Avast

We are all aware of the need to protect ourselves online regardless of what device we use and to do this you will need a complete security protection system.

Avast offer a great app that is FREE and provides a wide selection of tools such as malware scanning and a built in password manager. If you need more than this level of security Avast also offers a premium service for a small fee.

6. Flipboard

Flipboard keeps all of the news that you want to read in one place. It collates all the news from around the world in one easy-to-use app.

You can select a variety of different themes such as tech or sport and then the app will provide you with your own personalised selection of news stories tailored to your interests without having to trawl the internet to find them yourself.


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