Pokemon Go to launch in Thailand in September


Pokemon Go fans will have to wait until September before the game is officially released in Thailand.

According to Reuters, Thai telecoms giant True Corp will launch the record breaking game in September.

Suphachai Chearavanont, True Corp Chief Executive told reporters late on Thursday that True Corp hold the only master license to Pokemon content in Thailand.

The exact launch date is yet to be confirmed but will ultimately be decided by Nintendo, Suphachai said, adding that the game will be available to download free of charge to anyone who wants to play it – regardless of their mobile operator.

The popularity of the game has been unprecedented in the days since its launch.

Niantic, the Google startup that created the game in partnership with Nintendo has attempted to bolster server capacity, having at times been previously been unable to cope with the sheer volume of users that resulted in servers crashing and the game being unplayable for millions of people around the world.

Earlier this week, a group of hackers known as PoodleCorp claimed responsibility for some of the server outages and also vowed to take the game offline on August 1st.

Despite a number of controversies regarding online security and player safety, statistics released last week say that Pokemon Go is already the most downloaded mobile game of all time.

It is estimated to earn approximately 40,000,000 baht ($1.4 million) per day from iPhone users in the US alone, while shares in Nintendo have more than doubled since Pokemon Go was released, making the company more valuable than Sony.

It now has more users than the dating app Tinder and has more Google searches than the term ‘porn’.

Today, Pokemon Go was officially launched in Japan.


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