Breitling launches its own version of a smartwatch – and it’s a stunner


With more traditional watchmakers starting to release ‘connected’ or ‘smart’ timepieces, Breitling is the latest Swiss brand to launch its version of a smartwatch.

The Breitling B55 Connected isn’t like your average smartwatch. In fact, compared to the likes of Apple Watch or the Moto 360, it isn’t really a smartwatch at all.

There’s no fitness tracker, no Mickey Mouse changeable faces and no notifications.

Breitling B55

So what exactly does it do?

Well, first and foremost the B55 Connected is still very much a traditional watch and includes Breitling’s B50 caliber superquartz movement.

Breitling describes the watch as a new generation connected chronograph, given that it uses Bluetooth to connect with the Breitling app on your smartphone.

Via the app you can more easily access the key features of the watch and are able to do simple things like setting an alarm or automatically setting the time whenever you land in a new time zone to timing flights or making a record of the exact a time a plane took off.

The B55 Connected a rechargeable Li-lon battery which charges via a magnetic connecter than can be used with any USB port or via a wall adapter.

B55 Connected

Breitling is renowned for its range of aviation orientated timepieces that already feature a wide range of impressive technology, which includes both electronic and mechanical calibres, along with analogue hands and/or digital displays. It’s this existing watch technology that makes Breitling a popular choice amongst both professional pilots and watch enthusiasts.

The fact that the B55 Connected is a watch first, rather than some gimmicky gadget perhaps makes it more appealing to genuine watch lovers and is a move which is certainly understandable coming from one of the worlds best known watchmakers.

Full details, including pricing of the Breitling B55 Connected are expected to be released next week when the watch is officially unveiled at Baselworld in Switzerland.