Brilliant update means iPhone users won’t need to type a WiFi password EVER AGAIN


It can be a hassle when friends come to your house and ask for your WiFi password.

Sometimes it takes what seems like an age to find it and then they type the complex string of characters incorrectly.

Well thanks to a new WiFi password sharing update on the iOS 11 you won’t need to go through this process – a single tap will suffice.

If both you and your friends are running iOS 11 and someone tries to connect to your network you will receive a prompt saying, ‘Share Your WiFi’.

If you agree, you can simply press ‘Send Password’ and the other person will connect automatically.

The feature was first spotted by 9to5Mac who appear to be impressed but do say that the devices need to be close to each other in order for the unlock feature to work.

iOS 11 will be available to many users but not all in the autumn. Sadly, if you are an iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or fourth generation iPad user you will be stuck with the older iOS 10.

Although it’s the currently the latest and greatest version of the operating system, it will no longer receive important security updates and system fixes from Apple when iOS 11 launches, leaving users potentially vulnerable to bugs and glitches.

Image: 9to5 Mac


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