British Pokemon Go fan becomes first to ‘catch em all’ – sheds 25kg in the process


A 33 year old gamer from Southampton in the UK claims to have collected all the Pokemon in the mobile gaming phenomenon that is Pokemon Go.

Sam Clarke, who runs the gaming online community Cyberjam Gaming, claims to have collected all 143 characters including one that is said to be ultra-rare and only available in the US, Tauros – which he managed to hatch from an egg with his final catch being the Lapras character.

Clarke said that he spent almost “every waking hour” playing the game and this lead to him losing 25kg since the games launch on 6 July.

Clarke explained; “I think I am the first person in the UK to have the full set, I pretty much played every hour I could. If I saw Pokemon in the street outside my house in the night I would run outside in socks to chase after it. This is the game I’ve waited for 20 years. It’s taken this long for the technology to catch up.”

Mr. Clarke went on “It brings people together – there is no competition, everyone is just chuffed if you catch them. It’s unreal – when you are in the park you can tell who is looking for them and everyone smiles and waves.”

The news of Clarke’s achievement comes just days after Nick Johnson a New York based trainer caught all of the Pokemon and walked 153.2km in the process.

The ultimate aim is to collect 150 Pokemon but Niantec, the games developer hasn’t released the final five characters as yet with four of those supposedly being region locked.

The game isn’t set to be released in Thailand until September.

On Friday, telecoms regulators said they are already planning for when the game is released in Thailand in a bid to ease safety concerns among government officials.


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