British universities ban smart watches to stop cheating


Anyone who has considered cheating in their exams by using a smart watch to help will be in for a nasty surprise at some British universities, as the devices have been banned in several British universities, probably with more to follow.


No more cheating – universities ban smart watches

Unfortunately, smart watches are now being banned by several British universities. City University of London recently talked to tech site Buzzfeed about joining with other universities in a move to outlaw smart watches, basically to thwart the efforts of students who might use the technology to cheat in their exams.

However, that might not be a surprise to many, but the weird thing is that the universities are intending to ban all watches from exams. That means any kind of watch won’t make it past the doors to the exam hall on test day.

City University reported the following statement:

Students are already asked to place mobile phones in a plastic wallet under their desk, so we adopted the same procedure for watches. Students either don’t wear them to an exam venue, or they remove the watch in the venue and place it in the plastic wallet.

We also increased the number of large wall clocks available in the examination venues, bought small desk clocks for any student who requests one as well as a small quantity of RNIB-approved desk clocks for use by any student who needs one.

We regularly review exam procedures to ensure that no student has an unfair advantage over any other student. We are really pleased that our students have adopted this new policy so readily.

Cheating in Exams

What’s wrong with cheating the old-fashioned way?

While the move is currently limited to just a few universities, it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to see that it’s likely to be in force at every university in the near future.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

If you have any experience of using a smart watch at school or university, let us know in the comments below whether you’ve been told you can’t use them.



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  2. How can you ban something that doesn’t exist? Every watch in that photo is an Apple Watch.