The Byton Electric SUV is the car future – and it’s incredible


Byton probably isn’t a name you’re familiar with but the Chinese tech firm has just unveiled a new electric SUV which is being heralded as the car of the future.

Byton, formerly known as Future Mobility, unveiled the new concept car at CES 2018, which is currently being held in Las Vegas.

The company said the first mass production of the vehicle will be available from next year in China before being rolled out globally in 2020 and is expected to cost in the region of $45,000.

BYTON’s Shared Experience Display enables content shown to be shared with other passengers in the car (PRNewsfoto/BYTON)

While the exterior of the Byton SUV is impressive enough, it’s the interior and high tech features which really make the vehicle standout.

Inside is an enormous 49×9.8 inch console that acts a dashboard, which Byton is calling a “Shared Experience Display”, which also supports a number of other displays, the most notable of which is located in the steering wheel.

Byton says the SUV will use facial recognition to unlock the doors and once the vehicle recognises you it will automatically adjust the seat and update the driving options to suit your preferences.

The car will also let users perform tasks using voice commands and gesture based controls and also offers integration with Amazon Alexa.

BYTON’s electric intelligent SUV makes its global debut at CES (PRNewsfoto/BYTON)

It will eventually offer full self driving capabilities, Byton said, claiming that after the 2020 software update, drivers will be able to take a nap on the back seat as they are being driven to their destination.

Elsewhere the car offers all the comfort and luxuries of a premium vehicle including wooden flooring and leather seats.

Other tech features include 5G compatibility which promises data speeds of 10 gigabytes per second.

Byton says the vehicle will travel 520km on a single charge.

Here’s to the future.


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