Can you spot an online scam? Take this new test to find out


Reports of cyber criminals and fraudsters using online scams and other techniques to try and trick people into handing over bank details, online login credentials and other personal information are increasingly common.

But how easily do you think you could spot an online scam?

Most people believe they will never become a victim themselves and can always spot online scams, bogus emails or other fraudulent attempts to trick them into handing over sensitive information.

However, new research from the UK has found the reality is quite different, with a whopping 91 percent of 63,000 people surveyed failing to spot a scam after taking a new online quiz.

In fact, only one in ten people scored full marks on the quiz, which has been created by Take Five, a campaign backed by the UK government which hopes to raise awareness and offer advice on how people can protect themselves from online scams and fraud.

Image: Take Five

The quiz – which you can try for yourself here – shows a series of 8 text messages and emails and asks you to try and identify which is genuine and which bogus.

The online quiz runs through several different scenarios, such as a bank asking the user to transfer money into a ‘safe’ account – which is something a bank would never do.

While another scenario highlights the dangers of email phishing, urging the user to click on a link within an email and enter information. The email in question contains grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, which is a giveaway that an email is likely to be fraudulent.

“Many people may already know the do’s and don’ts of financial fraud — that no one should ever contact them out of the blue to ask for their PIN or full password, or ever make them feel pressured into moving money to another account,” reads the Take Five website.

“The trouble is, in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget this.”

Try the online quiz for yourself here.


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