Can you see all 12 black dots in this viral puzzle that has the internet stumped?


Another day and another viral puzzle that has almost broken the internet.

This latest image is doing the rounds on social media but be warned, it might make your brain melt.

The puzzle is called Ninio’s Extinction and you need to look at it and try and see how many black dots you can spot at the same time.

If you can see all twelve dots, congratulations, you win not just this puzzle but at life in general and are probably superhuman.

If you can’t spot all twelve, then you fail.

The puzzle was posted on Twitter on Sunday by games developer Will Kerslake and has already been shared more than 30,000 times.

“There are twelve black dots at the intersections in this image,” wrote Will.

“Your brain won’t let you see them all at once.”

The puzzle was also shared on Facebook by Japanese professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka and is believed to have originated in a scientific paper published in the Perception journal in 2000.

Derek Arnold, a vision scientist at the University of Queensland in Australia told The Verge the illusion occurs because of our poor peripheral vision.

“In this optical illusion, the black dot in the center of your vision should always appear. But the black dots around it seem to appear and disappear.

“That’s because humans have pretty bad peripheral vision. If you focus on a word in the center of this line you’ll probably see it clearly. But if you try to read the words at either end without moving your eyes, they most likely look blurry.

As a result, the brain has to make its best guess about what’s most likely to be going on in the fuzzy periphery — and fill in the mental image accordingly,” Arnold added.



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