Can you spot the panda hiding in this incredible online optical illusion?


An online optical illusion has left users wide eyed after going viral on social media for a second time.

The image created by Lithuanian designer Ilja Klemencov became an internet sensation earlier this year when it was first posted on Reddit.

However, it is again being shared on social media as users desperately try to spot the panda between the black and white zig zag lines.

Called “They can disappear” (larger version below), the eye straining picture was created by Klemencov to help raise awareness about giant pandas who are threatened with extinction.

If you look carefully you should be able to see the the famous panda logo used by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Some users posted on social media that they could see the panda immediately, while many other struggled to see the image at all.

If you are having trouble seeing the panda of the image is making you feel a little dizzy, you are advised to take a few steps back from your screen to stand a better chance of seeing the animal.

Klemencov created the image back in 2010 and a short time later it took first prize at the World Student Poster Biennale which was held in Serbia.

It has gone on to win scores of other prizes including at the COW International Design Festival and Taiwan International Design Competition.


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