Can you spot the panda in this photo? – the latest puzzle baffling people online


Here’s the viral latest puzzle that has left people on the internet stumped!

This time, people are trying to locate Pete the panda who is hidden among sea of pugs, kittens and brown owls.

Pete The Panda

The picture first appeared last year, but is doing the rounds again on social media.

It seems the obsession with these brain teasing puzzles isn’t about to abate any time soon and this latest one from Playbuzz has left us scratching our heads.

Pete’s big black eyes and rosy red cheeks might give the game away for some of you.

Can you spot him?

Here he is!

Pete the Panda

The quest to find Pete the Panda follows on from another similar brainteaser created by farming company Tama where users had to find a spotty dog in among a herd of cows.

Spot the dog

Those with a good eye will be able to find the dog located close to the centre of the image – his ears are a dead giveaway.

The puzzle, which was also featured on PlayBuzz was shared nearly ninety thousand times on Facebook.

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Spot the dog


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