Casio unveils new G-Shock GPS smartwatch that could save your life


CES 2018 is currently taking place in Las Vegas and Casio is showcasing two new smartwatches and a couple of other gadgets.

However, it is the watches that are taking the limelight and if you are one of those individuals who like going on long walks into the wilderness, then the Casio G-Shock Rangeman GPR B-1000, which comes with a built-in standalone GPS system.

The watch is solar powered, which can come in extremely handy especially as it will recharge the GPS system when you are miles away from anywhere.

The GPS can be recharged to a point where it can be used in about an hour – a feature that could potential save your life especially if you are lost or injured.

Other features include a compass, barometer, thermometer and altimeter. It comes in either olive green or black and costs about US$800 (THB25,000) which isn’t cheap but could be attractive to adventurers.

In addition to the Rangeman, Casio also revealed a limited-edition white version of the Pro Trek WSD-F20. The colour, is said to complement the appearance of crystalline fluorite, “which is sometimes used as a raw material in outdoor wear.”

The WSD-F20 line also includes the new “Journey” watch face that will show a map of your current location behind the hands if you are in the analog setting, along with upcoming checkpoints on a pre-programmed itinerary.

Casio is also using CES as an opportunity to show off devices it announced late last year, such as the G’Z Eye Action Camera.


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