CES 2015: Baking made easy with the XYZ 3-D food printer


CES 2015 officially started in Las Vegas yesterday with the world’s biggest consumer tech companies unveiling a host of new gadgets and gizmos.

One gadget which caught the eye was the XYZ 3-D food printer, which allows professional bakers and home cooks to create 3D designs which are used for decorating cakes, cookies and other tasty treats.

Just like an ordinary 3-D printer, this food printer can create various 3-D shapes for any food item. XYZ Printing has said that it worked with a food specialist, and has created a proprietary recipe that can be used in single or a triple material version. There is an on screen touch display on the machine that enables users to select a preset design for the shape of the food. Users can also import their own or different designs from the internet or by using a USB drive to upload the designs.


With the 3-D printing revolution this means that soon we could be able to print out everything, but really the most important is printing out anything on a piece of chocolate or cake! The company XYZ have let us have a snoop into the inner workings of the very modern take on the Easy Bake Oven. Once the design has been loaded up, the XYZ’s device will take a moment to calibrate before showing off the 3-D printed material that could look like a very touching love letter, which has been printed in chocolate onto  piece of bread using only the robotic hand of the machine.

XYZ has more traditional machines like the Da Vinci 1.0 and 2.0 Duo 3D printers, yet the 3D food printer now specialises in extruding cookie dough and cake icing.

With the 3-D printer, you upload the design, select the design by the touchscreen and watch as the nozzle turns your homemade design, or your uploaded image, into an edible piece of art.


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