CES 2017: LG’s new levitating Bluetooth speaker to be unveiled early next year


With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starting in just over a week, the big boys of the electronics world are already challenging each other to come up with the most innovative gadget.

Korean tech giant LG have announced they will be unveiling its levitating portable bluetooth speaker, which manages not only to play your favourite tunes but hover in mid-air at the same time.

The device, which will be known as the PJ9, works by using powerful electromagnets that will be housed in the “Levitation Station” – something that will allow the speaker to remain “levitated” for up to 10 hours at any one time.

There is no need to panic if the battery does start to run low as the speakers will automatically descend to the Levitation Station and charge themselves wireless without the need for any assistance from the user.

The speaker will provide impressive 360-degree sound and has a subwoofer embedded inside the Levitation Station to provide deep bass.

LG levitating speaker

The PJ9 is also IPX7 compliant which means that it can withstand adverse weather conditions as well as being able to simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices.

“Our latest addition to our growing lineup of premium wireless audio devices is not only eye-catching but also communicates the message that LG is serious about bringing something different to the table,” said Brian Kwon, president and CEO of LG Home Entertainment.

“We are absolutely dedicated to exploring new concepts and to pioneering innovative designs for its advanced audio products for consumers around the world, and the PJ9 is the latest example of this commitment.”


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