New “CH4” gadget sniffs your bodily odours and suggests diet changes


Occasionally on a slow news day (typically the weekends for tech news), there’s very little to write about in terms of interesting stories. However, sometimes something so bizarre pops up that it deserves a special mention. There’s a new gadget called the CH4 (which is the chemical formula for methane), that smells the gas coming from your rear end and sends the data to an iPhone app. Yes, you read that right.

Avoid embarrassing situations with the CH4 fart tracker

The whole concept is that users can keep a diary of the foods they eat each day and can then more easily manage the wind that blows from their rump. The new device has not yet officially launched yet – but it’s in development and is looking for funds on KickStarter (here’s the link if you want to make a contribution). So far, the project has received $2,390 of its $180,000 goal, courtesy of 48 backers.

The Ch4 will apparently recommend foods that you can avoid after several weeks of use. Its makers say, “CH4 is a wearable device that you can put in your pocket or attach to your belt and it helps you to reduce your gases”.

CH4 Promo

“Gas in the digestive tract is mostly caused by the breakdown of certain foods in the large intestine by bacteria. An average person passes gases 13 times a day in normal conditions. In the phone app, you can keep track of the type of foods you eat. You can be as specific as you like, for example you can put down “Broccoli” or just “Salad”. The more specific you are, the more accurate your results.”

The app also comes with a special dashboard that combines tracking of your gas with food habits, and the longer you use the app, foods get associated with gas production and it tells you which ones to avoid.

Top trumps!

SOURCE: Yahoo News


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