Check out Google Thailand’s new Bangkok office


Google Thailand has given us a sneak peak of their new Bangkok offices via a post on the company’s Twitter account.

Google is well known for incorporating, shall we say, somewhat unconventional design in its offices around the world and it looks like the Google Thailand office is no exception.

Each Google office provides a quirky and unique office workspace, which the company says is specially designed for maximum productivity.

The Google Thailand office infuses objects which are synonymous with Thailand, such as tuk-tuks, rice farmers and water buffaloes, with an office layout which is very much typical of Google.

Check out the kid riding the buffalo while playing on his tablet!

Check out the kid riding the buffalo while playing on his tablet!

Google Thailand

Google Thailand

Google offices around the world

As mentioned, Google is well known for providing its employees with a pretty amazing office space in which to work. The company is all about fun and creativity (and no doubt has huge budgets) to be able to create the perfect office space. The idea behind Google’s zany offices is that it gives employees the ideal space in which to be creative.

As well as the unique interior design, Google offices also some pretty cool rules like staff are never to be more than 100 metres away from food, which means there are canteens and cafes everywhere. Employees are also fed breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for free!

Take a look at the pics below of some of Google’s offices around the world, you can’t help but wonder when the staff have any time left to actual work.

Google London office

Relaxing at Google’s London office

Google Dublin

Emerald green for the Google office in Dublin

Google Zurich

Time out at Google Zurich

Google PGH office

Game of pool anyone?

Google office in London

The Google office in London

Google Pittsburgh 1

An employee hanging out at Google Pittsburgh

Google Zurich 1

Chill out time at Google Zurich


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