How to check if someone has blocked you on Facebook


Facebook has a number of features that lets you manage the privacy and security settings on your profile.

These features, among other things, let you control exactly who sees the comments you make and the selfies you upload.

But one thing Facebook doesn’t do is make it easy for you to find out if someone has blocked or unfriended you. And this is for good reason as it helps to protect the identities of people who have blocked others.

Of course you can scroll through your friends list but that would be somewhat of a laborious task and will only get you so far.

To find out of for sure you will need to do a little detective work.

It could be the person in question has just deleted their Facebook profile.

On the other hand maybe they got sick of all the selfies and inane status updates you post.

Here are some tips that can help you determine if someone has blocked you on Facebook.

Friends list

Your first port of call should be to check your friends list, although as mentioned, this only tells you part of the story. If you can not see the person in your friends list, they could well have blocked you but it could also be something in their privacy settings which means they are also not listed.

Facebook Messenger

Next, you should try searching for the person in Facebook Messenger. When you block someone you can no longer start a conversation with them so in theory, if you no longer have the option to send them a message it could be a pretty good indication they have given you the boot, although it is by no means conclusive.

Old conversations

You could also try searching for old conversations in Facebook Messenger. If the conversation shows the user’s profile photo as the default Facebook profile and the name of the person is in bold and you are unable to click on their name they have almost certainly blocked you. If the person deleted their Facebook account and not actually just blocked you, their profile name will just read ‘Facebook User’.

What if someone has blocked you on Facebook?

If someone has blocked you on Facebook you may want to consider what lead to them blocking you. Was it the breakdown of a relationship or did you post something that offended them?

With that being said, it’s only Facebook, don’t think about it too much and instead go out into the real world interact with people and try and form more meaningful relationships than many of those on social media.


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