Chinese police are using facial recognition sunglasses to identify suspects


This may sound like a plot line from the dark tech series Black Mirror, however, criminals in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou need to be careful as Chinese Police officers are now equipped with James Bond-style high-tech sunglasses with the ability to sport a perpetrator from a distance.

The glasses have the ability to find and pinpoint suspects all over the city including crowded areas like Bus and Train stations.

This is achieved by the glasses having the latest state of the art facial recognition software installed.

The People’s Daily reported four police officers are already using the technology at the Zhengzhou East Train Station.

A camera on the glasses is connected to a device similar to a smartphone when an officer takes a photo of a person of interest it is sent to the device which then relays the image back to the police headquarters database for comparison and a possible match.

Upon finding a match the app displays all the suspect’s salient information to the officer onsite including, name, nationality, gender, ethnicity and current address.

The app will also highlight if they are currently on the run or absconded from a legal issue. Other valuable information like Hotel addresses and internet usage habits can also be displayed.

The technology has already proved successful with seven suspects being identified who have been accused of crimes ranging from hit and run vehicle accidents to human trafficking.

A further 26 people were caught using fake identification documents.

China is building a countrywide digital surveillance system enabling them to keep a vested interest in the movements and whereabouts of their 1.4 billion inhabitants, this new sunglasses initiative is just one part of this effort.

The banking industry has realised the potential of this new camera technology and has adapted it to allow their customers to make payments through facial recognition instead of the normal ATM cards at cash machines.


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