Chrome 42: Google brings push notifications to its web browser


The latest version of Google’s popular web browser is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Chrome 42 sees Google implement push notifications into its web browser for the first time.

The push notifications allow developers to implement the function into their site, which in turn will allows users to receive alerts from websites. The new feature is capable of sending notifications even if the Chrome browser isn’t open.

After you have given permission for the notifications, the purpose of the feature is to let you be notified when, for example, you’ve been outbid on an eBay auction or when your favourite blog publishes a new post.

Google had been trialing push notifications in test versions of Chrome and is a little similar to the feature which is currently available to Mac users on the Safari browser.

In addition to the push notifications feature, the main focus of Chrome 42 is performance related, with the new update including a wide range (45 in total) of under the hood security fixes and performance improvements.

If you use Chrome, the browser should update automatically. However, you can update to Chrome 42 manually via the update function which is built into the browser itself or by downloading the latest version directly from the Google Chrome site.


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  1. Would this be really useful? or only increasing the risk of others to push malware, and other bad elements to your computer?
    I will start with to dis-able this option (would be nice if Jonathan had given some guidance on how to dis-able 🙂 ) and then later maybe try it out, {if there will not come too much negative comments on web fora}