Chrome on Android gets new feature to help you hide your dodgy browsing habits


Google’s very popular browser Google Chrome has now increased the security pertaining to your web browsing habits.

Chrome 65 is the latest version of the web browser and includes a whole host of new functionality to help protect the privacy of users who select the incognito mode.

For those unaware what Incognito mode actually does, it stops the web browser remembering your activity. Chrome won’t save any of your browsing history or information entered in forms while in this mode.

As for cookies and other site data, these are remembered while you are browsing but as soon as you leave the incognito browsing session they are deleted.

The new Chrome update now stops Android users from taking screenshots when running the Mobile browser in Incognito mode, technology blog 9To5Google reported that Google had blocked this feature at a system level. When attempting to take a screenshot the user will get an onscreen message saying “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy”.

If you try to negate the system blocking by using Google Assistant’s Share screenshot feature you will be greeted with the following caution message, “Something Went Wrong. Try Again Later”.

Google is very serious about their user privacy if this new update is anything to go by, and this new functionality should bring peace of mind to users who are worried about using the incognito mode on their phone and other mobile devices.


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