Chrome Home: Google testing major redesign to its web browser on Android


Google looks set to overhaul the Android version of its Chrome web browser.

According to a report, Google is working on ‘Chrome Home’, which will see the popular web browser take on a whole new look.

The most striking change in Chrome Home sees the address bar move from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Chrome Home offers an array of other useful new additions including easy access to recently opened web pages, bookmarks, downloads and browsing history.

Image: XDA Developer

Image: XDA Developer

The interface also includes quick access options to websites and content from around the web that Google thinks you may be interested in.

Google has reportedly been working on Chrome Home for a while and was first reported by Android Police back in October 2016.

Chrome Home

Image: Android Police

However, it is now available for anyone to test out before it is rolled out in an official update.

To test out Chrome Home, you will need to download Chrome Canary from the Google Play Store.

Be warned though, Chrome Canary is a developer version of Chrome, which can be unstable and generally isn’t recommended for regular users.

If you do decide to test Chrome Home on Canary, you will also need to enable the new feature by typing the following into the web browser:


Hit enter and then select Chrome Home from the drop down.

Then select Enabled under Chrome Home Expand Button.

There is no info yet on if or when Chrome Home will be included in the full version of the Chrome Android app but the fact it is available in Canary suggests that Google will roll out the new feature sooner rather than later.

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