Chrome users duped into downloading malicious Adblock Plus extension. Find out if your PC is at risk


If you use the Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome, you should check which version you have downloaded, as it may contain malware.

According to security researchers SwiftOnSecurity, 37,000 users had downloaded a fake version of the Adblock Plus extension.

The fake app had been through Google’s verification was ranking highly in the Google Play Store.

As it looked like the original, which is developed by, most people were unaware that there was a problem with the newly downloaded piece of software.

SwiftOnSecurity said that the fake extension was created by a “fraudulent developer who clones popular name and spams keywords.”

Sadly, the dubious developer wanted to earn more cash so decided that the best way of achieving this was to target existing Adblock users.

Those who downloaded the app soon realised that there was an issue when they started to get bombarded by a series of adverts that had previously been blocked.

Google later confirmed the fraudulent app had been removed from the Chrome Web Store.

Via: The Verge


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