Cloaq App Allows Users to Comment Anonymously


Cloaq is an app that has been in beta since 2014 and has finally had their public launch. The app has always allowed users to remain anonymous when they post on social media generated content. Now, with the app’s public launch, users will be able to remain anonymous even when commenting on news stories.

Under the “Summit” section of the app, users will be able to read and comment on news without ever revealing any of their personal information.

Webmasters are already stressing their concern over the thought of commenters being trolls and harassing people while hiding behind their Cloaq codename.

Many of the sites listed are tech news-related, such as Mashable and CNN. The app works only with certain sites, and users are provided with a generated codename and password. Users can never forget their password, or they will be locked out of their account indefinitely.

Cloaq is only available for iOS with the team working on a port to Android. The company has high hopes that their app will be able to remove identity from discussions and not be abused. If the company has a good anti-abuse system in place, it will be interesting to see how Cloaq will change the way people comment.


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