CloudSense Hacked Together at TechCrunch Disrupt NY


Sam Harrell made an impressive solution called CloudSense at last weekend’s Disrupt NY. The event allots just 24 hours to see what people can hack together. CloudSense combines hardware, cloud services and everyday appliances to make your gadgets a little smarter.

Using sensors to communicate with web servers and an app, CloudSense was able to provide an “Internet of Things” right on an Apple Watch.

Sensors include a speaker, temperature sensor and accelerometer built onto an Intel Edison board. These were provided by event sponsors.

While a long way from being perfect, CloudSense is able to attach to appliances and broadcast information back to an iPhone or Apple Watch. A real-world example would be attaching CloudSense to a garage door to see if it is open or closed.

Using a phone or watch, the commercial version of CloudSense would include a pack of 10 sensors that would attach to household appliances, doors and the like, so they can be monitored by the owner.

Hacking the project together on-site and coding to the very last minute before his presentation, Sam’s CloudSense was a big hit. He was even able to add alerts to Apple Watch to track water usage and temperature.



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