The comparison video you’ve always wanted: Here’s how an iPhone 8 and a Galaxy S8 fared in a BLENDER


The obvious question is “Why?”, but one YouTuber, TechRax decided to put the Apple iPhone 8 and a Samsung Galaxy S8 into a blender to see how they held up.

It was TechRax’s Taras Maksimuk, someone who has a reputation for mutilating phones that conducted the “research”.

He used blender company, Blendtec, a company that has tested Apple devices in the past, and put the devices into the blender to see if, well, would they blend?

Not surprisingly neither device performed particularly well although the Galaxy S8 did perform marginally better.

The iPhone 8 was tested first, and almost immediately suffered serious screen damage before getting stuck.

After becoming unstuck, on the second blend the device was totally destroyed with around 20 seconds. All that was left was a lot of small pieces and some “dust”.

When it came to the Galaxy S8, it lasted quite a long time except for the battery which came out of the device almost immediately and was quickly totally destroyed.

“The Galaxy S8 just seems more durable, it’s not breaking apart into different pieces really, really quickly,” Maksimuk says in the video.

As if you need to told, but don’t try this at home. “The smoke that I inhaled out of that blender was not pleasant, the YouTuber said.


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