A complete guide to Internet and social media usage in Thailand


2014 was a big year for digital usage in Thailand.

A new report by digital marketing agency We Are Social provides the most comprehensive insight to all things digital in Thailand in 2014.

The report entitled Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015, has looked at more than 240 countries, individually profiling the online usage in each country.

The figures on Internet and social media usage in Thailand make for interesting reading.

The report shows how Thailand’s surge in smartphone usage is fuelling a rapid growth in people using the Internet from mobile devices.

Internet and social media use in Thailand

The amount of time Thai people spend online

The report also reveals what the vast majority of Thai people spend there time doing when using the Internet, be it on their PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Out of the 23.9 million active Internet users in Thailand, each user spends on average almost 5 and half hours per day using the internet from a PC or tablet and just over 4 hours per day from a mobile phone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Thai people spend an average of 3 hours and 46 minutes on social media each, which compares to just 2 hours and 46 minutes spent watching the television.

time spent on social media in Thailand each day

Internet use in Thailand

Internet use in Thailand

As stated, Thailand has around 23.9 million active Internet users, which represents about 37% of the population who regularly connect to the web.

In terms of comparing the amount of Internet users in Thailand to other countries, whilst Thailand has seen rapid growth in 2014, it still ranks pretty poorly in terms of Internet penetration.

Thailand which stands at around 37% Internet penetration is well behind Singapore which has 81% penetration (perhaps not all that surprising) and behind Malaysia which has 66% Internet penetration.

However, Thailand is also behind the Philippines and Vietnam each of which have Internet penetration levels of around 44%.


Most popular social networks in Thailand

most popular social networks in Thailand

Unsurprisingly Facebook is the most popular social media network in Thailand, followed by Google+ and Twitter.

The popularity of the likes of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram, which ranks 4th most popular in Thailand, pretty much follows the global trend of most popular social networks.

Where the trend does tend to differ is with regards to usage of instant messaging/chat applications, with Facebook Messenger and LINE being most popular in the Land of Smiles, whereas globally, QQ, WhatsApp, WeChat and Skype are also popular.

The We Are Social report also reveals some interesting figures with regards to the developing e-commerce industry in Thailand.

ecommerce in Thailand

When it comes to e-commerce, Southeast Asia is way behind the rest of the world. With fewer than 1 in 5 Thais and Filipino Internet regularly users buying something online.

Mobile usage in Thailand

mobile phone usage in Thailand

Mobile usage in Thailand, which has hit the headlines recently following plans to introduce mandatory SIM registration for all prepaid mobile users in Thailand, reveals there are 97 million active mobile phone subscriptions in Thailand, 86% of which are prepaid.

It had previously been estimated that less than 10% of pre-paid phones in Thailand are registered currently and if we are to believe the figures in the We Are Social report, there is an awful lot of work to be done in order ensure that all pre-paid phones are registered by July 31st 2015.

Source: We Are Social