CONFIRMED: Windows 10 Creators Update to be launched on April 11


The official launch date of Windows 10 Creators Update has been announced as April 11.

The new updated is specifically targeting the creative industries such as design and animation but there is plenty that will appeal to Joe Public.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is the biggest update since the Anniversary Update last year and has several media-friendly tools including the Paint 3D app that makes it easier to create 3D models.

A new “Pick up Where I Left Off” feature which has been added to Cortana that notifies users of their most recent documents and Edge browser history.

The Edge web browser also includes some new features including the facility to be able to preview web pages by simply hovering over separate tabs.

The browser is also the default e-reader allowing users to read almost anything. It can also be used with Cortana to help search for and define specific words.

Gaming will also be improved with a new ‘Game Mode’ allowing users to tweak their hardware to ensure ultimate performance.

There’s also support for 4K gaming for the first time, with dedicated graphics tools and options in the Windows Settings Menu.

A Beam function will also be available that will allow gamers to transmit their gaming online.

Security has also received a boost and the Windows Defender Security Centre will ensure that users are protected at all times.

Biometric security is also set to be included via Window Hello. This will allow users to unlock their device with just a look.


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