Cool video explains evolution through emoji


A recent video on popular site Mashable sees Bill Nye (better known as “The Science Guy”) attempt to explain evolution with the assistance of emoji – those funny little icons that you may have seen on the keyboards of your smartphone.

Bill Nye is an American science educator, comedian, TV host and scientist, popularly known as the host of Disney’s science show “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. He can often be found making witty (!) videos for sites like Mashable to educate the public about science and technology in humorous ways…

You might wonder what this has to do with tech?

Emojis everywhere!

Well, aside from the fact that the video is actually quite entertaining, it just goes to show how popular Emoji have become in our smartphone-obsessed culture.

We’re not really sure what planet he was on towards the end of the video:

“We shook it up, and we told a story with Emoji…the way you might do if you had too many jello shots!”

Aside from the rather fun use they’re put to in this video, you might be surprised to know that these humorous little icons originated in Japan as a way to symbolise all manner emotions and everyday objects.

The design of Emojis may look incredibly simple, but there is actually a lot of potential to use these little icons in a creative manner. Here’s a small selection of emoji that you may have already used.


Here’s a selection of emoji that you may have seen on your smartphone’s keyboard.

So, what else can you do with Emoji apart from use them occasionally in a text message?

Here are a few examples that we found around the Internet…

Emoji Messages

As you can see, Emoji really can be a lot of fun, if you have way too much time on your hands!


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