ITS COOLER + First Beta Now Live


iTS COOLER +. A Multi- media, Multi-App, Multi- screen platform, bringing all your social media, newsfeeds, YouTube, Cloud TV, and search engine, to one page, one platform, one click functions

At present we have a limited number of external apps, being Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, with Pinterest shortly becoming available and Facebook, Instagram following shortly, we also have currently Google browser, and links to extensive newsfeed options from thirteen countries and ten news channels.

All of the above on one unique, page, one platform, which allows you to watch and view up to 4 videos/newsfeeds simultaneously – a ground breaking viewing experience with personal, business and specialist applications.

Very shortly, we are adding Hoola TV (70 station UK TV cloud streamer) which we will be able to offer the expat community in Thailand and other parts of Asia and SKYPE (YES!).

What with more social media, email, IM and A/V streams coming on board soon as well as live TV which will transform online viewing experience with our multiscreen option. Very excitingly, even our first beta version of iTS COOLER PLUS is computer, tablet and smartphone compatible (landscape format).

iTS COOLER + is a free platform and if you would like to try it out for yourself you can join by going to


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