Could we really download a box set in less than a second?


Downloading TV programmes and films has become the ‘norm’ in recent years but the problem of how long it takes still remains.

Yes things have got quicker but it can still takes minutes or even hours to complete the process depending on your internet speed. Imagine if you could download a box set of your favourite TV show in less than a second?

A team of UK researches at UCL’s Electronic and Engineering Faculty have managed to develop a download speed that is said to be 50,000 times faster than the average UK household.

The team managed to transfer digital information at a rate of 1.125 terabits per second meaning than it would be possible to download a series, in HD, such as Game of Thrones in less than a second.

In order to prove that they could transfer data faster than the previous record of one terabit a second the researchers had to transfer data to single receiver but the team is confident it would be even faster for multiple receivers. Fibre optic cables were used that use lasers to send information as pulses of light.

The team improved on the previous speed by using techniques similar to compressing WiFi signals and applying the same logic to optical signals.

Although the research as proved to be attracting interest from a number of sources in appears that it will be some time before if is available to the general public even though fibre optic cables are available in most developed countries around the World due to cost implications and the need to get major companies on board.


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